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The Voice Of Your Silence


Havva is a hit sensation and rising star on TikTok and social media. Her videos have gone viral receiving millions of views. Starting out as an independent artist from Kent on the outskirts of London England, Havva gained quick fame and notoriety after her original adaptation of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" went viral on Facebook with thousands of young girls hunting down the full version. The song has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify alone since the release and is still rising daily. Once she hit the Tiktok scene it was no surprise how quickly TikTok fans and celebrity influencers started not only following Havva, but re-sharing her quirky blog post-style video posts. Her distinct style and voice is comedic, sarcastic, and always intimate. Her topics range from social issues to music, heartbreak, grief and other trending topics. Many women have found empowerment through Havva's selfless and sometimes brutal honesty.

Her remarkable story of resilience through childhood trauma and abuse as a young adult reflects in everything she does from her writing style to her musical artistry. While growing up she noticed how focusing on music, fitness, and self-respect gave her an advantage when dealing with and overcoming her own setbacks. 


Today Havva has found her voice as The Voice Of Your Silence and is using her platform to elevate the voices of women and men all over the world. Listening to and telling their stories, she is finding new roads to express her artistry, collaborate, and make an impact. She loves seeing this impact through the confidence she receives from others sharing back their stories of triumph through adversity. 

"I'm doing what I'm doing to give people a space to feel like they belong. Somewhere their deepest darkest pain can be spoken in a way they can understand it better." ~ Havva Ramadan

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